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Our country is in trouble, but whose fault is it? The godless coastal liberals who hate the wealthy and want to gay marry us to illegal immigrants? The ignorant plains folk who want to deport minorities and don’t believe in dinosaurs or public radio? What about the media figures who peddle inflammatory headlines to incite fear and drive up their ratings? What about our politicians, their hands in the pockets of special interest groups, their decisions based not on the needs of their constituents but on the, the… re-election of, uh, campaign… pork-barrel. filibuster. zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz…

We don’t like to talk politics because it’s confusing and boring and often conjectural. Also because it’s in our nature to react poorly to being told “You’re wrong.” “No, YOU’RE wrong!” “Socialist!” “Tea-bagger!” “Intellectual!” “Is that an insult?” “Elitist!” “I’m perplexed.” “Your fancy college words won’t work on me, Mr. Conjectural! Eat my balls!”

The Patriot aims to exist above the fray, focused on reasoned and rational solutions, always mindful of our founding principles of democracy, civil debate, and subjugation of native populations.


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  1. Linda Graves permalink

    You are completely right! The political world has taken all of us for a ride. We don’t dare talk politics for fear of causing an uproar and making our “friends or relatives” think less of us because of our point of view. I have never been one to keep my mouth shut, and half of the time it’s “open mouth, insert foot.” I have a hard time agreeing with any of the parties these days because the people who have the power to change things don’t care for the people who pay their salaries. “Why can’t we all just get along” and do what’s right for our country?! Thanks for giving me the opportunity to speak my mind!

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